How Everything Started…

A few lines About Us…

We are a family construction crew living and working in Skopelos and the north Sporades, specialising in carpentry work and renovations. And this is our story…

Childhood… Made of Wood

The picture of my father and brothers working together in our family sawmill in Skopelos, the smell of wood and the unceasing sounds of carpentering tools are some of my most vivid childhood memories. I grew up in a family that taught me to love work ever since I was a child. Hence, it was easy for me to slowly delve into the secrets of carpentry and construction and gain valuable experience. Early on in my life, I felt the passion and desire not just to deliver a project or piece of work, but to constantly improve and offer the best possible result – not just for the client, but for me too; to work as if it were for my house, for my family, for the people I love. And this is how Made of Wood came to be.
A small family business in the heart of Skopelos, who adores wood and the art of carpentry, and knows how to bring out its unique charm and appeal.


House Construction – Renovation

Our experience in construction ensures an impeccable overall renovation of your house, store or
building – all with a single, one-off arrangement and pre-determined schedule.

All across Skopelos, we undertake:

  • Restorations of traditional houses.
  • Renovations and remodelling of houses and buildings.
  • Renovations and remodelling of stores.
  • Interior decoration.
  • Landscaping.


Furniture Construction

From handmade furniture, doors and indoor staircases, to fences and outdoor decks, we offer excellent quality in carpentry work and unique creations made of solid wood, tailored to your needs, wants and taste. Wood is a material that radiates unbeatable charm and beauty – providing you love it and know how to use it. A glance at our creations will convince you of both our love and mastery of this wonderful material.


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House Construction – Renovation

Furniture Construction